Nayak- The Leader review

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This is the first major release in 2013 from the ‘mega’ family and already registered as 1st hit of the year. For the first time Ram Charan portrayed dual role and its good to see such kind of roles on the big screen after Jr.NTR’s Adhurs. ‘Nayak’ is carefully planned film for VV Vinayak as he desperately needs a hit to stay in the list of top directors in tollywood. For Ram Charan its like adding another feather after his previous mass flick ‘Racha’ last year.

We go out of our homes to do daily works and get irritated by a bunch of beggars at the traffic signals. If you ever wonder where the hell they come from, you better watch ‘Nayak’. Cherry character portrayed by one ram charan cracks the whip and sends a message to the society and media. Children of the poor are picked up from slums since infant stages and make them beg with some disability by force to bring atleast Rs.100 a day. Goonda exploits these kids and enjoys the fruits. This scam is busted and exposed by Cherry. In kolkata, the city is under the control of the baddies. The govt., police department and the top officials are controlled by pradeep rawant. On the other hand he runs all the taxis which are used to commute daily in kolkata. Small girls are taken by force and given steroids to look as grown ups and get them into prostitution. The main title portrayed by another Ram Charan is Siddharth Nayak, a powerful character who sees the bad in the society and revolt back to emerge as an instant leader who comes to the rescue of the people gaining massive following and stop the goons and make them think twice before doing anything bad to the people. It is probably the reason why censor board has given an ‘A’ certificate. Otherwise a clean family entertainer.

Though ‘Nayak’ has nothing new to offer, director vinayak brings the fresh treatment on the bigscreen with the scenes inspired from the earlier blockbusters like slumdog millionaire, adhurs, tagore, sivaji and others.

You might think that with such a serious subject would there be any scope of entertainment. The backbone of the film is comedy that is well handled by vinayak as usual. Jayaprakash, Brahmanandam and Posani Krishna Murali at their best gives life to the film with their best performances and feast to the audience.

This is Ram Charan’s best performance till date. He is slowly getting into the shoes of his father Chiranjeevi by picking subjects that connects with the masses. He has proven to be one of the best dancers among younger actors with flexible movements and ease. When it comes to dance, fights, no one knows better than the mega family and mass director vinayak knows how to use it well. His walking style surely reminds of Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan many a times.

Dialogues by Akkula Siva is a big plus to the massive subject like this film. Perfect dialogues to make audience realise about these burning issues in the society and instant connection with the masses.

Kajal and Amala Paul are strictly restricted to the songs. Kajal looks good in her scenes but one wonders if Amala Paul badly needs a course in image management. She looks real mess in the makeup and costumes.

Music by S.S. Thaman is another life to the movie with peppy and catchy numbers. It has become a practice for Ram Charan to use remixed versions of his Dad’s superhit numbers. Bangaru kodi peta (Magadheera), Vaana Vaana (Racha) and now Subhalekha Rasukuna (Nayak). Without spoiling the original tune, Thaman used the same rythm more or less to the song retaining the same melody and feel of the original song.

Cinematography plays a major role in a subject of dual role since two characters has to be shown together on the bigscreen. Chota K. Naidu is best in handling mass subjects and he gives visual grandeur the screen especially the songs which are shot in exotic locations of Iceland. A must watch on the bigscreen to catch the glimpses of the beautiful Iceland and other locations.

On the whole, Nayak is a visual treat and gives a double bonanza to the mega family fans and the
audience.It is registered as a 1st hit of 2013.



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