Numaish revisited


The All India industrial exhibition or the famous numaish is back again in its 73rd edition. As a child, I would always look upon to the exhibition for the obvious things – the toys, giant wheel, chaat, toy train, magic pencil stalls and of course my all time favourite ‘apple cheese’ which is located at the Kashmir stalls. As a grown up now its been more than 8 years since the last time I had visited the exhibition. Over the years, Hyderabad changed a lot. Cyber city, shopping malls, multiplexes, fast food chains, flyovers, traffic jams, night life, events, exhibitions, tourism, realty boom and international brands flocking to the city. But one thing that hasn’t changed much is the ‘numaish’. Inspite of all these developments and other major attractions in the city, numaish still draws huge crowds.

In 2012, about 22 lacs people visited to the only exhibition in the world that’s running successfully without a break garnering 100 crores. Those numbers speaks for itself where people of all ages irrespective of religion come together in families.

Some of the major attractions in this year’s edition are stalls from Pakistan and crafts made by prisoners from the Rajahmundry central jail. The biggest crowd puller is the nampally metro station which has a miniature structure of HMDA metro project giving details of the entire route. It also has a train deck to give feel of the metro inside to the excited visitors.

I was so excited to see the Kashmir stalls where I got hold of these apple cheese which I always cherish as a child. Let me know if you also loved those in your childhood.

Catch with your family, friends and relatives at the numaish to revisit those nostalgic moments again like me.



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