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Multi-starrer films in Bollywood is a common thing but a rare phenomenon in Tollywood. It took 25 years to bring two superstars (Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu) on the bigscreen and director Srikanth Addala will have a special page in the history of telugu cinema for making it happen after such a long time and a big thanks to Dil Raju for producing it.

As the title goes “Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu”, one gets a feel of a traditional film minus item songs, fights, foreign locales, hero intro scenes and surely lives upto the audience expectations. From the start of the movie, team SVSC ensured that the audience wont have huge expectations and thus they put the tagline as “simple but beautiful”.

SVSC is alll about enjoying little things in life and to smile and greet at everyone around you ( in a serious sense). Its about bonding between Pedodu (Venkatesh) and Chinnodu (Mahesh Babu), the two unemployed brothers from Relangi village in West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. In today’s generation of nuclear family, its good to see the beauty of joint families on the big screen. Though the film doesnt have much on the content, it focuses on the bonding between the two brothers, marriage rituals and traditions, importance of being nice to the people, teasing grandmother, small fights , concerned mother and so on. Its great to see the two superstars Venkatesh, Mahesh Babu leaving their baggage of larger than life image behind and carried the vision of the director at ease. Prakash Raj, who plays the father of the two and a respectable elderly person in the village lives in the character. Jayasudha, mother, carries the role in her way. Anjali plays the title role as Seetha and mardalu to Venkatesh, is lively in her role. Samantha who plays Mahesh Babu’s love interest is just ok. Rao Ramesh does one of the finest roles in his career as a rich guy. Murali Mohan does a brief role as a MLA and elevates Prakash Raj towards the pre climax of the film.The rest of the cast justified their roles. The last 20 odd minutes at Bhadrachalam is the soul of the film. The entire film till then is just fine, but its at best during the pre-climax and the climax of the film. The title track sung by Chitra is choreographed on Sree Rama Kalyanam and Venkatesh and Anjali marriage is the best picturised song in the film. Perhaps its worth to wait till the end of the film to watch it on the screen.

Venkatesh has done similar kind of roles in his earlier films, but gives his finest performance in the emotional scenes. He is perfect as frustrated unemployed youth and Pedodu. Mahesh Babu is the life of the film, giving the much needed entertainment throughout the film with his unique dialect and performance. He is good as Chinnodu.

Background score by Manisharma elevates the scenes and he proves it again with SVSC as why he is best at BGM. Mickey J Meyer comes up with a fresh kind of tunes for this film. Dialogues by Ganesh Patro is apt.

Well if you look at the film through lens, you will find so many flaws in the film. In general, people transit between cities and their home town either for studies, job or business. But Mahesh Babu shuffles without doing anything and shows his frustration as an unemployed youth when he attends google interview but rejects pay of a lac per month salary due to his artificial smile. In majority of the scenes, you will see Mahesh Babu talking on the phone (even in the marriage song).

Seethamamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu supposedly targeted at joint families but no where in the film you will see the family eating together. We only see Venkatesh and Mahesh Babu dine together.

Every parent want their children to be settled in life. But in the film, Prakash Raj leaves the responsibility on Pedodu and Chinnodu themselves who doesnt have any purpose in life. Most of the characters in the film act and are not natural. Comedian Srinivas reddy who gives his best in Seenu Vytla films is wasted in the movie. He should have been used to provide much needed entertainment. Even Venu Madhav is wasted in the film.

Overall, SVSC is a family entertainer minus the loop holes in the story and makes you feel good about it when you come out of the movie theatre. Go and watch it with your family.



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