Facebook launches Graph Search

Courtesy: http://mashable.com/2013/01/15/facebook-graph-search/

There was a lot of buzz for the past couple of days in the internet community that Facebook might launch its own mobile at its HQ. But it wasn’t about mobile. To everyone’s surprise at the much hyped event, CEO, Mark Zuckerberg announced a smarter search engine within the Facebook ecosystem. He calls it Graph Search.

What is it about?


Graph Search is a social search engine within Facebook that lets users to find what their friends like, share, comment or anything possible in simple English. It is based on contextual search. For example, if I type, people who watched a movie at Prasads multiplex, it shows a whole new page with my friends who have been to Prasads. Liked or shared or commented about it. I can even find my colleagues/family/relatives who have been to Prasads or those who work there. Photos and Videos on Prasads multiplex and so on. Or simply search my photos before 2012. At present, this feature only lets to search based on people, photos, videos and interests only.

In the coming weeks and months, Graph Search will be rolled out and available to the users. At present, Graph Search is available in beta version to users in U.S. only. For rest of the world, they have to request access in the waiting list.

Does it affect Google?

For the time being, Graph Search is just another tool which means that Google need not worry about it. In the long run, it does what Google has done to the internet. Since, Facebook knows what you and your friends like and share; it might use that information when it decides to monetize the content. Google will keep an eye on Graph Search and users particularly to see how they consume it. We still depend on Google for information and Graph Search provides an avenue for opinion.

Social search is no longer just words. Facebook’s Graph Search is the first step towards the new direction.

According to Mark Zuckerberg, the three pillars of Facebook are newsfeed, timeline and now graph search. We have to wait and see if it really stands in the future.



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