Vishwaroopam takes off finally in TN






















Vishwaroopam – this is trending topic in India at the moment on Facebook, Twitter and everywhere on national and regional television news channels who are trying to increase their TRPs with relevant panel discussions supporting Kamal Haasan. Bollywood as well as South Indian film industry personalities too extend their support to him. TN govt. defends itself and suggests Kamal to have discussions with Muslim groups to resolve the issue and help in release of the film.

Few days ago, people witnessed what they didn’t expect from the caliber of Kamal during a press conference at his residence. He says he gave everything including his house to make this 100 crore film ‘Vishwaroopam’ and that the film is banned from its release elsewhere except TN. In an emotional speech, tired Kamal says that if this continues further he wish to leave TN and settle in any other secular state in India. In case, he doesn’t find one he wants to settle outside India. At this statement one can understand the trauma Kamal went through to bring out his dream project. Had he knew the crisis before he would have never dared to make one.

Ever since he decided to release his film, troubles became his dear friend. Kamal had to refrain his decision from releasing Vishwaroopam on DTH before it’s theatrical release after a mutual concern from Tamil Nadu Theatre Owners Association. After showing the film to a group of Muslims, Kamal got nod to release the film. But soon after morning show, the film got stalled elsewhere. To his shock, a select number of 24 muslim groups went to court citing that they found objectionable scenes in th film and want it to be stopped from screening. When Kamal filed a petition in the high court, a single sitting judge gave nod to release the film. With the help of TN govt. the Muslim groups put a stay on the film till Feb 6. That’s when Kamal got frustrated and we all know what’s happening if we follow the news on television or on social media.

Unfortunately, the Indian actor and film maker spent who spent most of his life and career dedicated to Tamil cinema taking it to national and international level is facing toughest phase of his life. Fans are travelling to Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala where Vishwaroopam is running without any troubles. In Muslim dominant cultural cities like Singapore, Malaysia, the film is running without any objections. Even in Hyderabad, it is screening both Telugu and Tamil versions running to packed shows. If you are curious enough to know what’s in the film to ban and nationalise so much, then probably you are seriously missing an International film made by an Indian.

Though it’s late, the good news is that finally after the discussions, Kamal has agreed to chop off 7 scenes from the film before it hits the screens in TN. Vishwaroopam is a film made in Hollywood style which shouldn’t be missed by movie lovers. Surely it’s a treat with technical brilliance and terrific screenplay to watch Kamal Haasan on the big screen.

Time will tell what happens to Vishwaroopam 2 when it sees the light. Don’t believe what’s happening around the film. Go and watch it. Lets hope that such things doesn’t happen to any other film in the future.


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2 thoughts on “Vishwaroopam takes off finally in TN

  1. anandkumarrs February 6, 2013 at 9:03 pm Reply

    Good one !!
    Please read my post on this “The Dwarfing of #Vishwaroopam!!!.
    Feedback welcome.

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