Mirchi review


After debacle of his last film ‘Rebel’ at the box office, Prabhas relied heavily on a family entertainer subject, as two of his previous hits ‘Darling’ and ‘Mr. Perfect’ proved the genre at the box office. Koratala Siva who worked as writer for hit films like Brindaavanam, has turned as director with Mirchi film. Produced in the banner of UV movies under the supervision of Prabhas brother, Pramod and his friend Vamsi Krishna Reddy, Mirchi is a wholesome family entertainer with a right mix of action and comedy.

The story has nothing new to offer and the very old saying holds true yet again as an old wine in the new bottle. Mirchi is a mix of couple of movies like Brindaavanam, Dammu and Sankam. But what stands out in the film is the perfect characterization of Prabhas which has two shades – one as a family and lovable guy and the other as an action hero. It’s a story of rivalry between two families led by Nagineedu and Sathyaraj respectively. Deva (Sathyaraj) calms down the village but Nagineedu family continuous the bloodshed. The film starts off in Milan; Italy with the introduction scene of Maansa (Richa) chased by bad guys and saved by Jai (Prabhas). Though she falls for him, she fears due to her family background. She goes back to village and Jai goes to Hyderabad where he enters Veera Pratap (Brahmanandam) house and changes Subbaraju, the brother of Maansa. Through him, Jai goes to his house in Palnadu and changes the rest of the family for the good cause to stop the faction. Jai reveals his background to Maansa that he is the son of Deva and that he has a girl in his life, Anushka. Richa looked glamorous in the songs and did her best in the given role. Onscreen chemistry between the two is so perfect and after a longtime Anushka got a very good role to perform.

prabhas-mirchi-audio-on-dec-10th-414058f3Prabhas is perfect in the role of Jai and he has impeccable sense of style and fashion. He improved a lot in his diction and gaining popularity among family audiences especially females. This tall and handsome hunk proves yet again that he is the darling of Tollywood with ‘Mirchi’.

Cinematography by Madhie showed Prabhas, Anushka and Richa more handsome and glamorous. Visually the locales looked picture perfect on the screen and definitely added life to the film. Comedy by Brahmanandam evoked laughter after a longtime again. Being a writer turned director; the dialogues in the film are very apt and touchy in the emotional scenes and hilarious giving relief in the 1st half.

Music by Devi Sri Prasad is good but the highlight song in the film is Pandagala Vachavu rendered by Kailash Kher which comes in the flashback episode picturised on Prabhas and Satyaraj.

Overall, Mirchi has right ingredients of comedy, action, emotions, and romance mixed proportionally to turn into a superhit film. Watch it for Prabhas.


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